Groomer adventure- the trip to Groomania in Belgium day one

Getting up at 03.30 is great! – said no groomer ever 😂 Its horrible! But thats the price you pay in order to attend a great event ..

Groomania is a grooming event that includes everything a groomer need- 2 days filled with seminars/demos ,world class competition, shopping,vine,belgian pastry and mingle with groomer friends from all over Europe .
Its a fantastic event thats been around since 2005 and I think this is the 10th time I attend it.

When I get up this early I am always amazed how people can look so flawless when I see them at the airport…How do you manage to have perfect hair and makeup at 04.30 in the morning ??? I am happy if I manage to remember to bring my suitcase and get dressed and not turn up in my pyjamas 😂😂

Once at your destination  airport the first thing you usually see are the toilets- and this trip where no exception.  The toilet doors at Brussels airport have a very strange attachment

It instantly raises a lot of questions in my weird brain and the possibilitys are endless- it goes from some SciFi movie inspired theory to something more practical like register if the door is open or closed..  I am going to go to the Info desk one day and ask 😄

I met up with my swedish groomer friends Cilla and Sussie and to our suprice we managed to get coffe, get to the train station, buy tickets and find the right train in 10 minutes- quite an acchivement I must say. 

We could now finally sit back and relax and officially start our holiday 😎

Travelling by train is nice- you are able to see the landscape and buildings in a completely different way compared to when you drive.
I love the houses in Belgium- cute and quirky and train stations are many times like small castles.
Brussels in it self is a mixture of complete opposites- ultra modern glass buildings and then tiny houses stuck together in lots of different colours and textures.

The traintrip also involved interesting discussions like how to snap someones neck like they do in the action movies and how do you train to get the right “snapmove” ?? I hope non of our fellow passengers understood swedish 😂

Our home for the weekend is Hotel Focus- a nice small hotel/hostel just minutes from the train/bus station. Its the third time I am staying here and its nothing fancy-but nice staff,clean and a good price.Its not even a telly in the room- but we are not here to watch tv – wont be time for that 😅

As we arrived early today we had plenty of time to stroll around in Kortjirk and do some non grooming shopping and eat nice food ,taste lovely belgian beer and admire the old church St.Martins churchI love old buildings and when you go into a church thats been there for centuries you get humble- someone built this masterpice with no help from heavy machinery and all the detailed artwork is amazing.

We managed to find dog connections inside the church- 2 painting where the dogs had quite a focal point.First the painting of the holy martyr Catharina of Alexandria – she is just about to be beheaded and if you look to the lower right corner you see two dogs thats just about to start a fight.

Then it was a painting “Legend of Saint Martin” and again in the lower right corner is a dog ☺️ Looks like a cocker spaniel type of dog.

At the end of the afternoon we where told by the FitBit that we had walked 13000 steps and our feets said that it was time to get back to the hotel.

We said we where going to have a bit of rest and then go out for dinner- but at 8 in the evening we realised we where not motivated enough to go anywhere -so no dinner.

Now sleep and gather some energy for tomorrows adventure 💤

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