Brushing wet hair- is it good or bad?

A discussion has lately sparked in several groups on Facebook regarding the potential damage that can occur to the coat when we brush in wet hair.There have been lots of opinions, some of them making their way out to the general Facebook feed.That has resulted in posts ridiculing the side that says that brushing does […]

Päls och temperatur reglering-den korta versionen :)

person touching golden retriever

Jag har fått många förfrågningar om jag inte kan översätta inlägget till svenska. Då det är en lång text har jag istället valt att göra en kortversion av det på svenska då många ändå inte har tålamod att läsa så långa texter 😉 Här kommer kortversionen: Hela debatten om huruvida pälsen håller hunden sval […]

Clipping the dog short for the summer-a look into the scientific literature

person touching golden retriever

I wrote a long blog post 4 years ago about clipping dogs short for the summer -especially so-called double coated breeds. ( took me one year to put it all together and it has had over 100 000 views just past its 4th anniversary. I never thought it would get that popular, my main goal […]

What can be the cause for patchy re growth/bald patches ?

picture showing patchy regrowth on a spaniel

I think that most groomers have encountered dogs with bald spots or patchy hair loss in their salons.We sometimes also get accused by the client of causing it with our grooming techniques, and the question pops up on a regular basis in grooming groups on Facebook.I will try to address the most common issues that […]