This blog contains a mixture of facts, opinions and glimpses from my daily life as a groomer 🙂

As a former veterinary nurse with 10 years experience and now a dog groomer hitting almost 30  years in the industry  I constantly strive to base my opinions on facts rather than myths/housewife tales.
The grooming industry is sadly ruled by a lot of old myths that is passed down from generation to generation by teachers that havent bothered to check the facts.

My hope is that this page will give you a more balanced view on the subjects and also inspires you to ask WHY when people make claims  – Don´t  just settle with the answer – because it is so……. And if you get an answer to your question – ask yourself  – does this sound reasonable ?

There will also be posts about other things that is included in our daily life as dog groomers – running a business , tools ,balancing work – personal life and much more.

I have a passion for teaching and I like to talk & write about anything related to our industry –  This have lead to a career of educating people in different paths of life  since the mid 80th´s in lots of different ways – obedience instructor ,as a teacher at an animal care college , lectures for veterinary students ,thru seminars/talks/demos for groomers in Sweden,UK and Ireland ,webinars, articles in dog magazines to name a few.

I apologize in advance for grammatical and spelling errors.  English is not my first language and even when you use the spell check on the computer mistakes will appear.Feel free to message me with any errors that you find 😊

If you have facts that speaks against anything that I have written – please forward them to me – this page will be constantly changing as new facts appear . Science move forward and  rules are sometimes rewritten.

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